Teenology Specials

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Our special section brings you the joy of celebrating parenthood. Be it movie time with your teen, cooking her favorite recipe, celebrating special days or parenting your pet, there is something for everyone to read.

Mom's Share

Every parent-child relationship is unique in its own way and so are the parenting experiences. Share your story with us here. Let's assimilate parenting tips from each other in order to gain better understanding of parenting aspects.

Mother and Daughter Love

2 billion mothers in the world

Teen Life

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Teenagers are full of zeal and zest.... This section is all about the web of their life - education, social media, friendships, selfies. Do not miss out on.. #TeenDiaries - 'A glimpse into their minds'

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Hygiene, Health

& Nutrition

The three important aspects of a teenager's physical and mental well being. A set of articles which any parent can relate to.

Behavior & Psychology

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Every parent is curious about what's going on in their teen's mind. This section might help  calm your anxiety related to the teen's behavior and psychology.

Growth and Development

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This section comprises of articles on different stages of physical and psychological development in teens and ways to deal with them.

Relationship Dynamics

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Whether you live in a joint, nuclear family or as a single parent, the challenges of parenting a teenager are no less. This series of articles unfolds how different relationship equations affect teen's psychology and behavior. 

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